Five Content Upgrade Ideas

We’ve mentioned content upgrades before, but in case you’re not familiar: content upgrades are a way to capture leads from blog posts by offering your visitors relevant, supplementary content. They convert more often than other lead magnets because they’re directly related to the content the reader is already engaged with. Here are five specific ideas to implement these right away.

1. List of Resources

Consolidate all the extra materials and sources mentioned in a concise list. These are great for long-form articles or podcasts where the reader/listener would otherwise have to comb through to find everything.

2. Video Demonstration or Walkthrough

This format is especially great for tutorials, where you might demonstrate the task at hand. But, this could also simply be a screencast or slide presentation. Sometimes people just prefer to absorb information through video!

3. Expanded Article

Here we have in mind a PDF with additional details—details that are, of course, highly related to the page on which the content upgrade appears. These PDFs could contain any content you originally wanted to include, but edited out for brevity. Or, these might be a study your organization performed.

4. Worksheet

This one is simple. Create a PDF or form with actionable ideas and questions aimed at helping folks implement the ideas in your post.

5. Email Course

Rather than delivering any of the above ideas all at once, consider sending content in bite-sized pieces through a drip campaign. These campaigns allow you to have multiple touchpoints with your prospects, and with the right analytics in place, let you see exactly what each person is interested in.

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