Capture Leads With Your Experts’ CVs

If you manage a marketing website, one of the main goals for your site is probably to capture sales leads. Here’s a place to do that you may not have considered: team member bio pages.

Who This Is For

If you’re in a professional service industry where team members’ expertise is a major factor in your prospect’s buying decision, this is for you.

How It’s Done

You can start capturing leads from bio pages in three steps:

1. Create individual team member bio pages

Include the usual relevant information. But, make sure there are some details you withhold, because you’ll be delivering these as a content upgrade.

2. Add a one- or two-field form to the pages

This is your lead capture form. This isn’t a contact form; the key component is that you’re offering highly-relevant content—the individual’s CV—delivered via email.

3. Set up an autoresponder with a PDF attachment

In your CMS or marketing automation platform, set the form to auto-respond to the user with a thank-you message and PDF attachment as promised.

Easy setup on WordPress with Contact Form 7

If your website runs on WordPress, a simple way of implementing this is with the Contact Form 7 plugin. This tool includes an auto-responder function (called Mail (2)) that allows you to attach any PDF in your Media Library. Just upload the PDF and reference the path to the file!

For a more detailed instructional video on implementing this with Contact Form 7, check out WPLearningLab’s video explaining the setup required.

Start Capturing More Leads

Now’s your chance to use a resource you already have to capture valuable leads! If you have questions about this, or need help setting it up on a different CMS, just get in touch!

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