Compromised website performance

The Connie Goodrich Realty site was in need of a tune-up. While our client was happy with the look and feel of the site, a number of issues were affecting its performance. These problems hindered the user experience, impacted SEO and posed security risks. They included:

  • An influx of spam form entries
  • A need for an SSL certificate
  • The absence of offsite backups
  • Slow page load speeds
  • And an outdated PHP version

These small issues added up to bigger challenges for our client who relied on their website to support their sales efforts. The contact page was inundated with spam submissions, overwhelming their communication channels and creating additional work. Without an SSL certificate, the website was flagged as insecure by browsers, deterring potential customers and affecting search engine rankings. In addition, the website's slow page load time meant users weren’t having the best possible experience.

Along with these marketing related issues, the site also needed two security fixes. In the event of server failure, the site’s data was in jeopardy because there were no offsite backups. In addition, the outdated PHP version not only posed security vulnerabilities, but also restricted the website's compatibility with modern applications and tools.

Updates offer security and increased SEO

To address our client’s specific needs, we identified and performed four key fixes.

  1. We added reCAPTCHA v3 to the contact form to reduce spam submissions, streamline communication channels, and save valuable time.
  2. We installed a Domain Validation SSL certificate, creating secure connections between users and the website, boosting trustworthiness, and enhancing SEO.
  3. To enhance website performance, we installed a caching plugin, significantly reducing page load times and improving overall user experience.
  4. Last, but not least, we performed an update to PHP to keep the website up-to-date and compatible with modern technologies. This also addressed security vulnerabilities and optimized performance.
“Full Windsor provided a solution to each of the challenges we faced. They maintained the look and feel of our existing site, while improving its performance significantly.” Cheryl McDaniel, Realtor at Connie Goodrich Realty.

Improved customer experience

With the updates, Connie Goodrich Realty’s site is an even more effective part of their sales process. The reCAPTCHA integration quickly separates authentic requests from spam submissions, while the SSL certificate improves search engine rankings through HTTPS protocol adoption. With a new caching plugin, their site loads faster, increasing user satisfaction and reducing bounce rates.

These new changes have brought our client peace of mind. Now that they have offsite backups, they know their website data is securely stored and readily recoverable. By updating the PHP version, the client's website now benefits from improved performance, enhanced security and compatibility with the latest web technologies.

“With these changes in place, our website supports our team’s sales efforts. It helps us reach more prospective buyers and allows us to focus on the most promising leads, instead of sorting through spam or worrying about issues, like slow load times.” Cheryl McDaniel, Realtor at Connie Goodrich Realty.

Making these necessary maintenance updates resolved existing issues and provided a foundation for growth. With a secure, high-performing online presence, Connie Goodrich Realty has the tools it needs to succeed.

“Full Windsor provided a solution to each of the challenges we faced. They maintained the look and feel of our existing site, while improving its performance significantly.” Cheryl McDaniel, Realtor, Connie Goodrich Realty
Jeremy Dennis

Jeremy Dennis Account Manager, Partner

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