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When Precious Blood Renewal Center (PBRC) got in touch with us, their website was holding them back in two primary ways: content distribution and event registration and management.

Events are PBRC’s bread and butter in terms of service offerings. Their campus is a beautiful space for spiritual renewal for groups and individuals and serves thousands on their spiritual journey every year.

Producing regular content allows them to stay in touch with visitors in-between their visits, so putting this content front-and-center is paramount. The problem was this content was all somewhat buried in the site navigation and hard to share on social media. They needed to bring it to the surface and let it shine.

"We felt really limited in our ability to add content or display it in the right places, like the home page or on social media. We needed these things in order to make a more active looking website."

Secondly, PBRC’s event registration and management was quite cumbersome. It was split between a stand-alone Eventbrite account, Excel spreadsheets, and hand-written records. They needed a modern, streamlined system for the entire event management process.

Starting fresh with prioritized content, better tools

These issues, along with a handful of aesthetic issues, lead to a full website rebuild. To address their content distribution issues, we made sure to include prominent event and article feeds on the home page, clear menu items, and social media share buttons on articles.

One way we highlighted PBRC's content was through this event feed on the home page.

"What we needed was a simpler more streamlined system to receive inquiries about our services and also registrations for the events we host. Full Windsor did that for us by giving us a pretty simple forms-based system that was integrated with Google Sheets and email. It was really the simple solution we were looking for."

Once guests register on the website, PBRC staff can easily keep track of guest payments, preferences, etc. through Eventbrite’s powerful event management platform.

Visitors can register and pay for events directly from event pages via a popup window.

Empowered for greater impact

All of these updates combined left PBRC in a much better place to live out their mission and serve their guests through meaningful spiritual refreshment and renewal.

“The redesign gave us a fresh contemporary look so it’s become a place to visit a couple of times a week. Our web traffic has more than doubled since the redesign!” Dennis Coday, Director of Engagement, PBRC
Jeremy Dennis

Jeremy Dennis Account Manager, Partner

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