We handle pricing differently than many web design and development studios. Our approach is based on three convictions:

Everyone Should Win

The no-brainer price

We believe the best business transactions take place when everyone wins. To make sure this happens, we will work with you to find a price that would make the project a “no-brainer” for both you and us.

Encourage Collaboration

Goodbye to hourly rates and estimates

Charging by the hour tends to discourage collaboration and communication throughout the project. On top of that, if you only know an estimated cost of the project, you're left with uncertainty in your budget. Instead, we negotiate a flat fee with you, which results in the freedom to work together and be creative.

Value Transparency

An open dialogue about money

We think that talking about fees is important. After discussing the scope of your project, we make the first move by telling you what the project is worth to us. If you value the project differently, we want to hear about it! Our goal is to find the best possible arrangement for everyone.


  1. Together, we determine the scope of the project the best we can in a meeting or two.
  2. We will give you our no-brainer price for the project (what it’s worth to us).
  3. You may accept, or give your no-brainer price (what it’s worth to you).
  4. We all arrive at a price through open dialogue. Everyone is happy and ready to get started!
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Jeremy and Sean have been excellent to work with. I know I can count on them to be responsive and available. They listen carefully and follow through with elegant designs that get to the core of our problems. – Mike Goracke, Interactive Marketing Manager
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