Why You Should Use Git for Your Next Website Project

We believe in creating a more friendly web, and that’s why we provide services that make websites easy to develop, manage, and update. Sharing the tools we use to be successful is just one way to support our clients in having the best website for your organization or mission.

As people who work with code every day, we’re big believers in version control. Specifically, we rely on Git, a commonly used version control system, to create a smoother workflow that’s less prone to problems. Whether you have a one-person development team, collaborate with multiple developers, or are more site manager and less developer—knowing more about Git can make things easier.

There’s nothing worse than being out of the know. We got you! At your next nerd party, you’ll be able to talk all things Git. In this article, we help you understand:

  1. What is Git?
  2. Who uses Git?
  3. Why you should use Git for your website project.

What is Git, anyway?

Git is software for tracking changes in a set of files, typically used for coordinating work among developers collaborating on a project (like a website!). Git runs on both the computer you use to write code and on the server you use to store your code. This means that the code is not just stored in one place, but the full copy of the code is present in all the developers’ computers and (usually) a central repository server. Git helps with efficiency, code quality, and non-linear workflows (several projects being run in parallel that involve the same codebase).

In plain terms, Git “watches” your work, remembers the changes you commit to making, and stores each version you push to the central repository so you can see the code history of a project.

Who uses Git?

Anyone working with code—even if you work on your own!—will see advantages when using Git.

And while Git itself is primarily used by developers, there are many related services (like Github) that help with things like reporting and tracking issues. Everyone involved in the development of a website can benefit from a Git workflow!

Why should you use Git?

Mo’ workflow, fewer problems: Collaborating with multiple developers is hard. Oftentimes they are working in parallel, and a version control system like Git eliminates code conflicts, assigns ownership to changes, and keeps everyone on the same page.

More progress, more launches: Sometimes a project requires developers to work on multiple feature upgrades at once. With Git, developers can separate out these changes into “branches,” and merge them back into the main “tree” when ready. Having multiple branches supports multiple parallel upgrades —helping the team make more progress.

Squash the bugs: We’ve all encountered bugs at one point or another in website development. With Git, you can easily roll back to different versions to understand and troubleshoot where and how the bug occurred. Spend less time guessing, and more time creating a website that works.

Using a version control system like Git can create a better workflow with fewer problems. If you’re interested in learning more about how Git can help your team, let’s chat.

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