Why We’re Pumped About the Gravity Forms Plugin

It’s no secret that forms are the most common interactive feature of any website. Sites use forms to capture leads, simplify scheduling, collect payments, automate workflow, upload documents, and more. Yet creating powerful, easy-to-build, simple to maintain, and great-looking forms is surprisingly tricky. So when we finally landed on Gravity Forms and its surrounding ecosystem, we were delighted.

Gravity Forms is a user-friendly, secure, robust WordPress form builder plugin. The more we use Gravity Forms, the more we believe it’s the solution to most of our clients’ form problems. Two reasons we’re pumped about Gravity forms are:

  1. The foolproof drag-and-drop form builder
  2. The endless customization options

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Building forms isn’t always a cakewalk. With Gravity Forms, this task is hard to mess up using intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools. You get the right amount of control without risking brand integrity. On the front end, these forms can be easy on the eyes, too. Really! Add and customize columns, break long forms into pages, choose from templates, create your own form from scratch, or import existing form files to build from. Gravity Forms also makes it simple to build WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant forms.

Endless customization options

Gravity Forms truly helps you make your form your way. Have a lot of data to collect? Create a multipage form like this one to make data collection more approachable. Using conditional logic, forms can display or hide fields and pages based on the data entered. Plus, there are countless add-ons. Our favorites include email routing with SendGrid (our go-to), MailChimp, and other email marketing tools. We also dig Gravity Forms’ easy payment integration with services like Stripe.

Forms are a must. When it comes to collecting the info you need, we’re pumped about how easy Gravity Forms makes every step of the process. Together, we can create forms that match your brand and seamlessly integrate with your marketing and workflow.

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