Why We Say Websites Are For People

You might have seen it before, or heard us say it: “Websites are for people.” It’s not just our tagline—it’s something we really believe. But what does this catchphrase really mean?

Here’s a quick go: Websites are tools that should work for you, not against you. Because you don’t settle for the status quo in your work, it’s crucial that your site empowers you in your pursuit of excellence. Let’s unpack three characteristics of websites that do just that.

Websites should read your mind

OK, we’re being tongue-in-cheek here, but we’re talking about a super-high level of intuitiveness. For your internal team, it should be obvious where to go to edit different parts of your site. And once they get there, controls should be clearly labeled and logically organized.

On top of this (because visitors rarely visit sites just for fun), your website front-end should be designed and organized around user goals. Everything should be tailor-made with an awareness of what those goals are and the reason for the user’s visit.

Websites should allow you to play

If you’ve seen our About page, you know we believe that work can be play—taking risks, experimenting, and staying curious. So when it comes to updating your website, we believe in giving you useful controls and ample possibilities for creativity, without the concern that things will break.

The site itself should delight your visitors. We like to ask, where can we include elements that not only let users feel confident, but also help them to enjoy their experience? This is the secret-sauce of a stellar website.

We like to ask, where can we include elements that not only let users feel confident, but also help them to enjoy their experience?

Websites should bring clarity

Milton Glaser said it best: it’s the role of designers to “inform and delight.” This means that when it comes to messaging, your website should be the opposite of confusing. No insider language, and full of crystal-clear ways for visitors to take the next step with you.

On the back end, you should be able to manage your site without extensive technical training or the skills of a developer (because that’s what we’re here for!).

Why It Matters

Websites are for people. Why does this matter? Because we believe that people matter! You and your visitors deserve a tool centered around humans.

We’re dedicated to helping you pursue this ideal. Does your website serve you as well as it could? If not, let’s make sure it does!

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