Why Custom Sites Are Better Than Templates

Many website platforms offer “ready-to-use” designs and native layout-building tools. By contrast, a custom website often (but not always) takes longer to build and requires a bigger up-front investment. But we’re convinced custom websites are stronger in the end. Here are our top three reasons why.

Reason 1: Better Design

In our experience, the design details of custom sites are tighter, because the code is written with specific content in mind. And, when you’re starting from scratch, the possibilities for tailoring the design to your brand and vision are endless!

Reason 2: Easier Updates With Custom Edit Screens

In our studio, we always build custom edit screens for adding and changing content. Compared with page-builders, these fields are much simpler, faster, and usually have limited design controls. This means you can focus on content and not design decisions.

Reason 3: Faster Performance

With a qualified developer on board, website features can be written into the core of your codebase, without relying on loads of third-party plugins. The result is a site that asks much less of your web server and in turn, loads faster.

Let’s Go Custom!

A custom site can take more planning and money—so it isn’t always right for everyone. But, if the reasons above are important to you, we’re confident you won’t regret the investment.

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