Three Rules for Lead-Capture Forms

Lead-capture forms are a great way to start to see tangible results from your website. And, they provide a great way to get tangible data on the value of your site. Let’s review three foundational rules for including these on your website.

The Three Rules

Rule 1: No Spam

At this point in internet history, this rule goes without saying. But, in practicality, the definition of spam can get blurry. Spamhaus defines spam messages as those which are both unsolicited and bulk (not specific to anyone in particular) at the same time.

Here are two other things to remember:

  1. In your lead-capture form, include a message making it clear you won’t spam them.

  2. Only send the content you’ve said you’re going to send them (see below), on the schedule you said, and make unsubscribing easy. If you might send other types of content, just leave the door open for that in your disclaimer.

Rule 2: Make The Value Clear (and Give a Preview)

Very few people are interested in just “staying up to date” with your organization. Give a short preview or description of what they’ll get by signing up, and emphasize how their life will be better when they get it.

Rule 3: Make The Form Noticeable, But Not Annoying

People come to your website with an objective in mind. More than likely, it’s not to complete a lead-capture form. 

That said, you’ve put the form there to benefit them, so it’s OK to have! Just make sure these calls to action are secondary to facilitating real user goals.

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